Our financial advisory services are an integrated approach not limited to executing the transaction; rather extending to offering pre and post value enhancement services.



Preparing the company for the transaction and maximizing its value by working with shareholders and management to improve the business strategy and its execution framework, the management structure, the legal structure, the financial structure and other company-specific value enhancing services.



Representing the owners/company throughout the transaction by preparing internal valuation, offering memorandum and presentations, assisting in soliciting partners and investors, negotiating on behalf of the owners/company and managing the closing.




Ensuring the proper execution of the deal, follow up on implementation of the strategy and business plan and setting the required KPIs, providing post-deal integration, providing post-implementation reviews, reports, and audits.

In economies characterized by the convergence of globalized commerce, instable oil prices, recession, increased competition, widely available information and rapid technological progress, obtaining and managing financial resources are crucial factors in sustaining and growing organizations. 

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Our Promise

Our certified consultants are equipped with integrated frameworks and tools to translate strategies into business plans, feasibility studies and budgets to ensure maximized returns on investments as well as effective stewardship of available funds and resources.

Moreover, our team is well positioned to partner with you in managing M&A transactions, debt and equity capital financing transactions, valuations and arranging the structuring of investment products.