Somewhere in the last few decades Human Resources Development became Human Resources and dropped development from their titles. 

This has been unfortunate and a key missing piece of any improvement program today is an active dialog and engagement with this essential and strategic function.  VANGUARDS are noteworthy for their appreciation of HR as a strategic ally in the race to be the best.


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VANGUARDS helps clients restructure individual processes

Processes  like operations, HR, IT, sales, and marketing and lead clients through turn-around situations to achieve lasting breakthrough results.

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Organization leaders seem to agree that the most important driver of success and value creation in organizations

These are it’s talent relationships operating a healthy corporate culture. That said, the HR function in most organizations is viewed as secondary and redundant function tasked with mostly administrative responsibilities.  Seldom is HR positioned and treated as a strategic partner within the organization that is tasked with the attraction, development and retention of it’s most valuable of assets.


Never before has there been a more pressing need to transform the HR function

We help transform HR into a key organizational player and a driver of strategic success.  At VANGUARDS we help our clients to structure the HR department and equip it with the necessary policies, procedures, systems and knowledge as well as assist them to  develop optimal organization structures, job descriptions, competency frameworks and employee performance management systems.