ART TV's Lina Debsi interviews Rami Itani on "ANA Diaspora Program"

November 05, 2016 Interview on "ANA Diaspora Program" with Mrs. Lina Debsi (ART TV) with Mr. Rami Itani Vanguards Consulting Co-Founder and Partner). VANGUARDS Consulting was appointed by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism to implement the Initiative launched by the Minister of Tourism, H.E. Michel Pharon, aimed at attracting the Lebanese diaspora to visit Lebanon in a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to their ancestral homeland. ANA is comprised of a 12 days and 20 day premium or standard packages.

الخامس من تشرين الثاني 2016، مقابلة تلفزيونية حول مشروع "أنا" الإغترابي الذي أطلقة معالي وزير السياحة اللبناني ميشال فرعون